Service Tailored To Your Need
We place great importance on identifying and understanding each client’s particular requirements, so that our freight forwarding service can be tailored specifically to your needs.

Standardized Freight Forwarding
Our freight forwarding schedule in the country of origin and the production and sales schedules at the final destination can be easily coordinated. Shipment information remains consistent for all parties involved, avoiding unnecessary misunderstandings.

Door To Door Service
Our door-to-door services is not simply convenient catch phrase. Staff in both the country of origin and final destination monitor your cargo throughout its journey and are thus able to relay any changes immediately to our clients.

Striving To Excel
Whilst we have every confidence in our current services, we are aware that condition can change that our services need to meet new demands as they arise. LEADER CONTAINER LINES Constantly reviews services, striving to improve them wherever possible to give you up-to-date and timely support.

Minimising Your Cost
Through initiatives such as inter-company staff training, the establishment of local branch offices within client’s premises and the use of competitive rates, we are making every effort to minimise your costs and assist in the rationalisation of your distribution process. We are confident that our proposal will make a significant contribution to this end.